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Marroquin has been consistently dedicated to the study and experimentation of the field known as fiber arts and the recent resurgence of textiles in artistic practices. He also teaches innovative weaving workshops yearly, around museums, schools, libraries, from his Arcade Mall studio and at street art festivals. Your contributions will help Ruben cover expenses related to his art production, purchase materials for his weaving workshops, continue sharing his knowledge and passion for weaving and produce work for his upcoming exhibition as part of ART@FIT inaugural residency program in April 2019.

Original artworks are offered as perks for your contributions and a chance to become part of the artist's process with a monthly or one time contribution. All available art pieces are paired with a range of contribution amounts, to see the images of the perk you would receive, look for the matching title and donation on my website's "Available Artworks Page". You will receive the art with free, fast shipping included. Perks include scarves, small, medium and large sized artworks, woven paper collages, cashmere hand woven scarves, fine art prints of Ruben's artwork and textiles!

Upcoming projects include a three day residence at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from April 2nd through 4th 2019. He will offer a large format interactive weaving block party, an art exhibition of his work, a hands on silk screen workshop and a chance to see his process at work.

With your help I can continue to work independently and share my passion for the fiber arts and weaving!

Thank you for visiting Ruben Marroquin's long term fund raising effort!